How a Spontaneous Travel Decision Landed Me in Egypt for Life

How a Spontaneous Travel Decision Landed Me in Egypt for Life.

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Siwa Oasis


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Alexandria wandering

Walking along the Corniche of Alexandria is one of the great pleasures of this city, especially at sunrise and in the early hours of the day.
Stroll from the Library to the Fort and you may see cats waiting for fishermen to come ashore, friends enjoying their first tea of the day, families drinking in some cool air before the city heats up, and lovers publicly sharing private moments, gazing out to sea.

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People watching

I get great enjoyment from sitting quietly aside from a crowd, watching people who are watching an event or are waiting for something to happen. There is a fascination in the intensity of their combined concentration, and wondering what they are individually thinking about.

This was a group of Bedouin at one of the camel races they run in South Sinai.

camel (3)

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The sea should be for everyone

camel on beach

Hotels control much of the coast in Sharm and the other Red Sea towns in South Sinai, with beaches fenced off for the exclusive use of their guests. But in some places the beach is shared by everyone, including the wild dogs and the camels, and even some cats which come to hunt for crabs along the shore.

This camel was enjoying the view in Nuweiba, looking across the Red Sea to the mountains of Saudi Arabia.

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Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh

sea (4)

Another view of the Red Sea. I never tire of looking at the sea, in all its moods, so you can expect many more water, beach and boat photos.

The water is usually clear and the colours intense, especially in full summer sun from June to September. Now the water is like a warm bath by 9am, almost too warm. I search for the cooler currents, for the ultimate enjoyment of contrast against the heat of the air and sand.

There are many fish in the shallows before you even reach the reef, mostly small or the size of a hand, but some up to 40cm, and they will swim to within a few centimeters of me. If I drift with them and don’t splash around, I can watch them feeding and chasing each other, until they swim off into the darker blue depths.

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a different view

I have only posted a few times in the past months, life has been full and time just sweeps by. But it has also been because I have not felt inclined to write, and at the same time having too much I would like to write about.

I thought about letting the blog go completely, but instead have decided to make it more a mix of photo blog and writing. Hopefully this way I will ease back into writing here more often, and if not, you will have some photos as insights to my life in Egypt.

Let’s start with the place that makes life in Sharm most worthwhile – the Red Sea. I try to get at least an hour snorkeling time here every day, either at one of the beaches or the jetty near my home. Having the every changing colours of the Sinai Mountains as a background makes the views from the water hauntingly beautiful.

sea (14)

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