Ramadan nights; ready to fly

My friends in Siwa report that it has been a hot summer, that is, hotter than usual.  It is now Ramadan and I am told “Siwa is very different, is just a life only in the night.”
The date harvest is looming, and I wish I could be there for the October harvest and peace festival. Ah well, by next year’s festival I will hopefully be settled in.
Finally have my cat Habibi, myself and my small quantity of freight booked to go – we fly on November 24th. So much to do before then, and yet it seems the days cannot pass soon enough.

I am looking forward to seeing the new mural, showing an overview of the oasis, that has been constructed. It is topped by a globe of the world, with Siwa’s location marked by a miniature palm tree. Not sure that it will prevent me from getting lost on walks in the palm groves, as I still do even after many visits.

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  1. anthonythomasassociates@gmail.com says:

    What a wonderful page and what an insightful author, very much missed in Australia. L S

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