Winter is here, but I have a hot spring!

Cold mornings and nights now, but that makes the 40 plus degrees hot spring even better to swim in, and I am making time to walk there each day, 45 minutes each way. Looking forward to my scooter arriving with freight, as that will cut some time off the trip.

Getting used to having dusty hair again, except for the first half day after I wash it. Also getting used to cooking on a single gas burner. I am not a big meat eater but do like a bit of chicken sometimes, and had the best chicken I have ever tasted last night from a local stall- BBQed over hot coals until almost black on outside, but it had been coated in a delicious combination of spices, and inside was stuffed with other herbs. 1/2 chicken (a good sized one) with salad and three rounds of bread the size of a bread and butter plate was $AUS 3.50, and I felt like a princess after this feast. Of course Habibi got a taste of it too. I have also had a settling in party on dates filled with almonds – as 500g of these cost $1.50, it was hardly a splurge in Australian terms, but it is all comparative until I am earning again.

Most meals are vegetable or salad based, and with no cold storage supermarkets I am enjoying learning to make the most of seasonal produce. Guava and eggplant are especially good now, so breakfast was guava with yoghurt (only one style here, unflavoured), lunch is lentil soup and maybe an irresistible felafel from next to the bakery when I go to get bead, and dinner tonight will be pasta with eggplant and tomatoes. Missing my occasional glass of red with dinner, a few bottles will go on the list of things to get each visit to Cairo or Alexandria. While the oasis is officially dry, most people being Muslim, some people including the foreigners have a drink in the privacy of home. At least it means not getting leered at by boozed up blokes on a Friday night, as often happens when you walk past the pubs and bars in Melbourne CBD.

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3 Responses to Winter is here, but I have a hot spring!

  1. rebecca.g says:

    it all sounds so amazing Sue, and so exotic looking to our eyes…I had a look through the photos. the food sounds fantastic…

  2. romaine says:

    arrrgh! as i am reading this i am eagerly awaiting the sial xmas party. have hardly eaten anything all morning to try and ensure room for feasting, so all this talk of delicious siwa chicken, almond stuffed dates, irresistible felafel and eggplant is sharpening my appetite almost unbearably.
    YUM S!
    any chance of some more ‘foody’ photos? would love to see some of the local dishes.
    : ) romaine

    • siwasoul1 says:

      Thanks R

      From comments looks like I’ll need to feature food regularly, though without turning this info a foodie blog. Will post some photos soon….but have to make breakfast first. All the best to all the SIAL crew for the end of year celebration and for 2011. I will be in touch soon about SIAL and DRI projects, so I can do some articles on what people there are up to.

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