Tea or ice-cream?

the amazing sand and gas powered urn, Palm Trees Hotel

This is the most elaborate urn I have seen, and is a recent addition to the restaurant in Palm Trees Hotel. I am yet to understand the intricacies of how it works. From the chef’s explanation, the gas (from a gas cylinder) heats the sand, and the sand becomes so hot that a pot of tea can be brewed on it, as well as it providing hot water. It is a constant source of heat all day, which is important given that the power shut downs frequently here. I can vouch for it producing a great cuppa.

At the other end of the temperature scale, I have discovered Siwa has its own version of the Mr Whippy van – a man with a small cart that delivers ice-cream around Siwa. Initially it looks like many other food carts in Egypt, until you notice the tower of cones it carries and the children running to him, clutching their coins. I haven’t sampled yet, but once the heat arrives I will indulge and report back (hopefully with a photograph).

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