Dorothy to Toto / Sue to Habibi: “There’s no place like home”.

This is my little office, set up under my bedroom window. The chair and table/desk I had made are perfect. Their green colour will fade as the wood ages to sandy brown. The house was rented with a grand looking double bed made the same way, but it proved too uncomfortable and yesterday I moved it out. The bed had wood bits sticking out of the sides and I kept slashing my legs on these when I got in and out or cleaned around it, the open base meant dust and spiders gathered there daily so I constantly had to shift it and sweep under it (and despite the open structure, it is heavy). Also, when I turned on my side, the wood stuck into my hip through the mattress and every time I moved the bed creaked, so mattress alone on the floor works better. When I started to move the bed, Habibi got nervous and hid – after the months in Australia of packing and moving boxes and furniture in my room, I suspect she thought “oh no, that woman is going to move me again!” But she was soon happily settled back on the bed, and seems to realize now that this is her home.

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