Day of Departure for Mubarak, Inshalla

Inshalla, that is God Willing, as every statement you make about the future in Arabic must add, today will be the day Mubarak steps down. Friday is the day of sermons in the mosques here, and we expect that after these, which are happening now, at 12.45, the demonstrations will move up a step.

I am not a religious person, but my heart says what I can only call a prayer for the Egyptian people. It is so important that things change for their future, and also mine in some ways, as my heart is tied to this place.

Facebook is running hot with comment from those watching and in the demonstrations.

Everyone outside Egypt please keep watching for developments.

For background on just some of the reasons this change is needed, go to Facebook page We are all Khaed Said!/

For insights into the Arab world in a broader context, I recommend the book Being Arab – Arabism and the Politics of Recognition edited by Christopher Wise and Paul James (RMIT) published by Arena Publications 2010.

Search for the page of Middle East Fine Arts on Facebook for photographs that make the demonstrations more personal.

There is a song doing the Facebook rounds here and on youtube that expresses the passionate feelings of many Egyptians, men, women and children of all religions and social positions. I absolutely do not want to see any more deaths here, but I understand the sentiment in these lyrics. This translation courtesy of a Facebook friend:
“I have the Honor of being EGYPTIAN and EGYPT will live and wont DIE,OH my God our Strong People from my neighbors , ohh my god about all our Generation ohh my god about YOU EGYPT and YOUR PEOPLE,OHH my god and we die and die AND VIVA EGYPTTTT , EGYPTIANS WE ARE EGYPTIANS EITHER MUSLIMS OR CHRISTIANS WE ARE SONS OF EGYPT WE SAY NO TO TERRORISM and CRIME and VIVA EGYPTTTTTTTT”
The video for the song is at

Please everyone outside Egypt, tell your government to support change here. All of you who marched with me and the thousands in Melbourne when we did not want our troops to go into Iraq, this is as just important to give your support to.

After whatever unfolds today, I will post again, for now I am off to watch events on the television. Inshalla, I will have good news when I return to this page.

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