Happy times in Siwa, before the quiet

water football, Cleopatra Sping

Egyptian boys visiting Cleopatra Spring

Today it is raining and has been most of the night, I have never seen so much rain in Siwa. For the first time it is heavy enough not to walk out in uncovered, and I had to search my umbrella out from the bottom of my box marked “things I probably won’t use much in Siwa.” It is so quiet, hardly a motorbike passing, just the sound of the rain on the roof and on the palms, but I will go out soon to get milk and see who is in the centre of town, and if the rain eases I will walk to Cleopatra Spring to play with Rico, T’s dog, for a while, as I have done each day while T is away.

T called last night and says he will probably return from Alexandria tonight, as things have settled down there now. I am glad he and his family are safe. Cairo is still simmering, as you can see better from the ABC / BBC reports than from me giving you long updates here.

Anyone thinking of coming to Egypt in future please do not be put off by the recent events – this is still a wonderful place and I am glad to call it my home. This will always be a volatile part of the world, but so worth experiencing despite the tough times.

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