Flooded out of home

The political crisis put everything on hold here for a while, and continues. But I did not expect Siwa would be suffering for a very different reason.
It rarely rains in Siwa, but we have had two days and nights heavy rain and the houses are not built to take this. My place was flooded to depth of two inches and rain poured in the roof all night the second night and through the next day.

I saved the laptop, cat and some of my books, and the few things I had in large plastic boxes, but everything else got soaked, me included as I spent the night bucketing water out of the bedroom and lounge room. Water is supposed to run into bathroom and escape through drain in floor, but too much was coming in for this to happen, and also the floors are uneven so water gathers in pools.

It will take days to dry everything, including the mattresses, and all clothes and bedding must be washed because the water that came in from roof was laden with salt, which is mixed into building materials here. It would have been worse if I had been in one of the kerchief (mud wall) houses (mine is cement walled) but it will still take weeks for the walls to dry I expect, and there seems to be water trapped under the ceramic floor, so that could also take time to dry out. T was returning from Alexandria that night and got stuck halfway but is now back, and his café was awash but his room and kitchen dry. We’ve spent today starting the cleanup. The cafe area is large and covers two levels, each was covered with mats and cushions for seating, and these are all sodden, as are all the items in the bazaar. T also has no power, at least I have that and can recharge computer and mobile, and fridge works so Habibi has food and one damp blanket, but nothing else.

Getting floor and mattress dry is first priority so I have somewhere to sleep. No sleep at all night of the deluge, and Habibi had to sleep on my desk, placed in the only square metre where the roof was not leaking. Sun yesterday and today, but we just have to hope for no more rain or the flood will repeat. The streets were entirely mud and nearly impossible to walk in without slipping over and getting covered in it, and they are still bad.

I may not blog again for a few days while I sort out the mess here.

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