Changes – Egypt’s young people take the lead

young Alexandrians visit Cleopatra Spring (Ain Guba) in Siwa, the week before the revolution

Young Egyptians are making changes themselves, while we wait to see what the political outcomes will ultimately be. Do a search of Facebook and you will find pages like “We are planning to rebuild Alexandria”, which was initiated by ROTARACT clubs in Alexandria to gather all Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors to help in rebuilding Alexandria. They have already had clean up events and will continue to rally people who want to help repair and repaint public areas in the city.
It is exciting to see people here taking their future in their hands, despite the hardships that the strikes and downturn in tourism will mean for many people.

For those too poor to be concerned with such campaigns, and concerned primarily with feeding their families, things here will be tougher for some time, but the jokes, music and general spirit overflowing from so many people here will hopefully ease Egyptians through to better times.

While places like the Bibliotheca remain closed, their staff continue working and their website adds to the positivity being expressed here, see

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