First 3 months in Siwa

Habibi with her little garden

house near Oracle Temple

wattle in bloom

donkey studying the mural of Shali, the old fortress town

I have now been in Siwa for three months. So much has happened, mostly things I could never have predicted. It has been an amazing time for Egypt and the people here, and for me.

I have done and experienced so many things, and not done many of the things I had intended to do in the first three months here, but am feeling energized and optimistic, and ready to plough into the days ahead.

I have been in Siwa previously during different seasons, but this is the first time I have been here longer than six weeks, so for the first time I am able to see the seasonal changes. As Siwa Oasis is really one big garden made up of hundreds of smaller gardens, I am really aware of the changes every day, and even of the changes in the moon and stars, the sky being so clear here.

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