What beats a hedgehog as dinnertime visitor?

Tonight A turned up with a new creature as we were preparing for dinner. T was in the bathroom so I had to keep A and visitor entertained until T came out, and I wasn’t so sure about having this one in the house.

A had it in a half squashed green plastic soft drink bottle. He opened the green bottle and held it to a colourless drink bottle while T repeatedly hit the green bottle, until the snake moved into the colourless bottle where we could see it more clearly. I was worried it would get loose, especially as we had two children under two years and Habibi cat in the house.

M, A’s wife, had spotted it in their garden in the water canal. A caught it and brought it back to the house to kill it (better than have it run around the garden where it could bite someone while they work). T found one similar at his cafe a few weeks ago and killed it, so they must be getting active now the sizzle of summer is gone.  As you can see from bottle size, it would be over one metre long uncurled.

It would also blend well into sand, so would not always be easily seen. I will be more hesitant now about striding off the road and into gardens when I am walking and something catches my eye to photograph. Would not want to be in an isolated garden and get bitten with no-one else around to know.

With the hedgehog, the snake, and the little lizard who is still resident on my bathroom window, though he has now shed his tail, my home is starting to feel like an episode from T’s beloved National Geographic television.

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