Sharm el Sheikh

For full-on tourism, Sharm is the place. It is basically a city for tourists, far more European / Western than Egyptian lifestyle. Vibrant nightlife with clubs, restaurants and bars services the hundreds of hotels, many four and five star with multiple pools, shopping areas and all facilities included.

Bikinis and beachwear, lots of bare flesh, and unfortunately some ugly tourist behavior due to people taking their annual “sun, sand, sex and alcohol” trips to Egypt. Some tourists never venture beyond their hotel beach and bar, which is so sad – they never see Egypt.

As a complete contrast to that, I have included some photos of the beautiful Coptic church in Sharm, which sits between the mountains and hotel lined shores of the Red Sea. After my next visit to Sharm, I will add some photos of the beautiful mosque which sits not far from the church.

Love it or hate it, Sharm and the Sharmers, the people who live and work there, are interesting….

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