Taba Heights

Taba Heights is a spread of 5 star hotels, including a golf course and dive centre. I prefer a beach camp in Nuweiba, but for those who want European / Western comforts and don’t mind the fact you won’t see much of real Egyptian life, Taba Heights is your answer. Like Nuweiba and the other towns I have recently added slideshows for, it sits between the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea, providing awesome views whichever way you turn.

An interesting new addition to Taba Heights is the Salt Cave, constructed of salt from Siwa Oasis and the Dead Sea. The experience of lying in the Cave listening to music and breathing in the salt is supposed to have multiple health benefits. Yes, I moved all the way from Siwa to Sinai and found – more Siwa salt.

Taba Heights is less than an hour by public bus from Nuweiba.

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