I share my photos through these posts, but it is time to share some music. Video on my camera is not great, so I will post some video from others for you to enjoy. It will be worth your time to click through the links to experience these sounds.

First up is El Tanbura. I like the simplicity of the simsimiyya, and its bitter-sweet sound…

“El Tanbura are a collective of veteran Egyptian master musicians, singers, fishermen and philosophers. For the past 20 years they’ve been custodians to some of Egypt’s oldest folk melodies at their home in Port Said, the Mediterranean gateway to the Suez Canal. Band members dress in an eclectic mix of gallibiyas and Levis with Gucci sunglasses, fez and Nike caps. Their music is driven by the seductive call of the Simsimiyya – an ancient lyre dating back to the times of the Pharaohs.”

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