Cairo as you may not imagine her

Two days in Cairo, but no antiquities or tourist sites on this visit. Some different views of this exhilarating and sometimes exasperating city known as “the Mother of the World”.

The plant nursery along a bank of the Nile I had never seen before, a beautiful sight among the buildings and dusty streets.

Street sellers have always been part of evening walks in Downtown, but since the Revolution they have really taken over – like a second layer of stores in front of the permanent stores, along the main streets. There is even a side street where nearly all the sellers offer headscarfs, except for two stalls that offer lingerie and bras.

Summer is here and outside El Abd bakery people formed long lines to buy icecream. The men were in one line and women in the other, which actually defeats the purpose as this way all the boys get to take a slow look at the whole lineup of girls, and the girls watch the boys back. In between stands a security guard – not to keep the men and women apart, but to stop queue jumpers.

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