Egyptian design moves forward, with respect for the past

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People come to Egypt to see the antiquities, to sail on the Nile, for pilgrimage, and many more reasons connected to the past and history.

But some of the most exciting things to see in Egypt are about Egypt NOW. Egypt is producing increasing numbers of well educated and inspired designers across fields including architecture, industrial design, fashion and graphic design. Many are moving beyond being mere copyists of design from Europe and other places, and looking to their own rich cultural heritage to move design forward. Some are also working to create a vibrant design community, especially challenging given the events of the past year and a half. I am excited by their spirit, commitment, and what they are producing, and now everyone has the chance to see this from July to August at Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

If you are interested in design, you will not want to miss this exhibition. And if you are coming to see the Egypt of legend, take some time to include this event in your itinerary, to see how new designers are drawing on their rich heritage to take Egyptian design beyond the Revolution to a bright future.

“Design Is a Verb!” Exhibition

“Preserving the Egyptian Cultural Heritage”

Opening: Thursday, 5 July 2012, 1:00 pm

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center, West Exhibition Hall

The exhibition will continue through 4 August 2012
Open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm except Fridays

Design Is a Verb is a project set up by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center. It is an annual exhibition that displays the works of a number of designers from various fields such as architecture, industrial design, product design, fashion design and digital creations.

The Project aims to introduce the Alexandrian and Egyptian artistic community to Applied Arts, and bring the companies searching for new creative and innovative designs together with talented designers in order to enrich the Egyptian industry.

The theme of the first edition of the project is “Preserving the Egyptian Cultural Heritage”. This theme is chosen in response to the various social changes that have taken place in Egypt after the 25 January Revolution. Some of these changes are drastically affecting the Egyptian cultural heritage along with Egyptian buildings, fashion, crafts, habits, and traditions.

The Exhibition announcement invited professional and amateur designers and architects to participate and present their innovative creative design. All designs are immersed in the Egyptian culture, and all are created to both preserve this cultural heritage and heighten our appreciation of it.

“Design Is a Verb!” will be an opportunity to see the most interesting new design propositions and reflect on where Egyptian design is now, and how Egyptian designers are looking to the future

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