New Hermopolis Cultural Village – a home and destination for Egyptian culture and creativity

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This looks fascinating? amazing? where and what is this place? well the ideas behind this place are even more wonderful.

New Hermopolis Cultural Village is an inspired project, but project is such an inadequate word to describe its aims and what it means for Egypt. Explore the background and plans for this truly unique cultural center and all that its unique location offers at If you can become a supporter, even in the smallest way, please do it.

The detailed and beautiful construction has taken some years. At last New Hermopolis is ready to welcome people passionate about music, literature, photography, design, dance, fine arts, history and cultural exchange, and will provide a historically rich and aesthetically supportive place for individual visitors through to those hosting workshops, conferences, events and retreats.

Anyone interested in running workshops or events here can contact me at I am establishing a database for people and groups who may wish to experience New Hermopolis and also to keep you informed of an exciting launch event planned for later this year.

Egypt is going through a difficult time, and to see something like this attempted gives us hope for the future of Egyptian culture and creativity. I know that once people discover what is being done here, this endeavour will flourish, and I will be doing what I can to see it become a home for bringing the past and present of Egyptian culture together.

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