Sharing some good news and great photos from Egypt

With information overload thanks to internet and other media, you probably don’t hear much about Egypt except the politics and the bad news. But there are plenty of good news stories here, people doing amazing things and wonderful places to see, so today I’ll share some favorites.

A project worth watching: Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution and

Egyptian community is far more diverse than the impression media usually give
and an insight to this is a great series of articles at which includes already the Italians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews and Levantines.

It is wonderful to see Egyptian businesses give back to the community in a country where so many people suffer, and here are two working together – Nola cupcakes of Cairo supports many causes and has launched a delicious collection of cupcakes with 100% of proceeds supporting the mentally challenged in Egypt. The Right To Climb is an initiative to raise funding and awareness for the intellectually disabled by completing the 7-day climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point on the African continent. Travel experience company Wild Guanabanahas launched The Right To Climb in 2010. They have raised LE900,000 ($AUS150,000) for the cause of mental disability in Egypt and placed 26 climbers on the summit of Kilimanjaro (100% success rate) If you are in Cairo, show your support at Nola Zamalek, 4 Brazil St. and
Nola Maadi – 84 Road 9.

something different to see on your visit – Desert Breath


Egyptian Aisha Mustafa, 19, has dazzled the physics world with a new invention that could launch spacecraft off the Earth’s surface and soaring through space without any fuel.
Space is filled with a billowing sea of quantum particles that jump in and out of existence, and Aisha Mustafa proposes using thin silicon panels, spaced closely together, to trap these particles and then move against them, creating a propelling force. This innovation would make space exploration lighter, safer and cheaper than the traditional “blast off” method. Mustafa still has some design work to do, but unfortunately her research is currently limited by lack of state funding for space science departments at the university level, though her school’s science club did help fund her application for a patent. more at

Biofuel from Plastic for this Young Egyptian Scientist from Alexandria
Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad was the winner of the 2011 European Union Contest for Young Scientists for finding a new way of turning plastic into biofuel.
A sixteen-year-old Egyptian student, Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad from the Zahran Language School in Alexandria has identified a new low-cost catalyst which can generate biofuel by breaking down plastic waste.

FABULOUS PHOTOS…these links just keep adding more, so check back regularly for your taste of Egypt

Egypt beyond Google Search results, by Mohamed Elshahed Experience Egypt photos

1950s advertising themes you would not see today Stella beer “the family’s favorite drink” is still a favorite here, though the majority don’t drink and most of the rest wouldn’t admit to drinking.

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