Ramadan fun, and breaking fast for a cause

Ramadan isn’t only the difficulties of fasting and the seriousness of spiritual contemplation. When people gather to eat during the evenings, there is plenty of enjoyment.

dates and coffee

Aside from meals with family, eating and drinking is often shared with friends, or even with work colleagues that do not usually see each other, such as the freelance staff of magazines.

The larger hotels and restaurants offer tents decorated in traditional style, and special menus. Many people choose these to meet at because it relieves the responsibilities of preparing everything in their home, and makes it easier for people from across the city to get together in a central locations.

People with shared interests also have special gatherings during Ramadan, such as this one for Abu Dhabi’s Eco-Chicks.

Green Iftar Event Hosted By Abu Dhabi’s Eco-Chicks

Join Abu Dhabi’s Eco-Chicks for a Green Iftar on 6th of August and support ‘Recycle for a Cause’
After a busy year mapping out green activities across Abu Dhabi, the eco-minded women at Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks are inviting everyone to a green iftar this Ramadan. “This is about bringing together like-minded individuals, supporting an environmental initiative and enjoying a greener iftar together,” the green group explains. They are asking guests to being along aluminium can tabs and plastic bags to donate to Recycle for a Cause, which send the items to the Philippines where they are transformed into recycled goods. These then help provide shelter, food and education for children rescued from living on dump sites across the Philippines.

Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks explained that they were particularly keen to support this project as it incorporates three aspects of sustainability: re-use of materials (environment); social/people (engaging low-income communities); and economy (developing income). The hotel where they are hosting the event has also agreed to provide recycling boxes for the event, to use local sustainable fish and maintain the A/C at 24C.

by Arwa Aburawa | July 29th, 2012, more at

The preferred way to break fast is with dates and yoghurt, which gets the body ready for more food after many hours without (15 hours in Egypt). This is followed by a substantial meal. People continue to eat throughout the evening, until just before prayers beginning the next fast, about 3am. Egyptian sweet makers really try to impress at this time. A favorite is konafa, finely shredded pastry which is drenched in a sugary syrup (sometimes flavored with rose or orange water), then topped with combinations of cream, nuts and fruit; mango and kiwi fruit is the most tempting combination I have seen. We don’t have a sweets shop in Nuweiba, but here is a luscious example from Sharm el Sheikh made by Sunny Bakery Shop http://www.facebook.com/sunnybakeryshop,

konafa with fresh cream, hazelnut and caramel

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