Happy Eid

Ramadan is over and three days of Eid celebrations have begun.

I will post later with some interesting links and wonderful photos on Ramadan.

I feel calmer and stronger than at the beginning of the month. Challenges remain, but hopefully I am better able to move ahead now.

A poem for Eid by Khalid Albudoor


Everything is in place
Your mirror
Your gem stones
The burning oil pot
The henna pot
For the Eid to come.
An empty chair
Last summer’s shirt
Your scent on the pillow
Remnants of our last day’s kiss
Everything is there
Even the sun
We saw sinking behind our balcony
Everything, but you.

Nuweiba beach sunrise

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1 Response to Happy Eid

  1. susanscottsa says:

    So pleased you are calmer and feeling stronger. May this continue. Thank you for the beautiful poem and photograph. I FB’d and twittered it – it deserves sharing. Best wishes, Susan

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