September baby

The weeks have sped past, I have been so occupied that the promised Ramadan update post hasn’t happened. Maybe I will backtrack later…

Nuweiba morning

But for now, another birthday has found me. In Australia my birthday was always first day of Spring, but here the days are getting shorter, sun sets just near 6pm. While we still have nearly 40 degrees most days, I know soon the change will come and swimming won’t be so appealing. Trying to not let a day pass without a swim or at least beach walk, no matter how much else is happening.

Nuweiba end of day

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5 Responses to September baby

  1. susanscottsa says:

    Happy Eid to you and Happy Birthday! Your photographs are beautiful thank you!
    All best,

  2. gaiamethod says:

    Everywhere you go you are close to water!!! Why in God’s name do I end up in a desert??? I love the water!

    • siwasoul1 says:

      I am just a water baby. Even when I lived hours away from the sea in Australia, I would try often to get to the beach to swim or at least walk, or take a ferry on the harbour. My grandmother’s apartment was on the main road at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Dad grew up near some of Sydney’s finest beaches and even though our family home was far from them, he would regularly drive us to a beach (no aircon in cars then, often in 35 degree heat). After leaving home I was fortunate to live near beaches in Sydney and Melbourne.

      I also have plenty of desert all around me in both Sinai and Siwa, but I agree I have been in two great places for a water lover. In Siwa I had the springs for swimming but missed the sea, 4 hours bus ride away at Marsa Matrouh, and here I have the luxury of the Red Sea but really miss swimming in the springs (especially in winter when I arrived here I missed the hot springs, as there is no alternative to cold water with the sea in winter).

      • gaiamethod says:

        We lived on Botany street, Bondi junction! We spent a lot of time on the beaches. My mother loves sunning herself! Probably accounts for all the freckles I now have, that and living in Spain! We spent most of our time living beside either rivers or the sea so living here in Luxor is a strain!!! We are closer to the Valley of the KIngs here than the Nile!!! But in the winter we go to the river a lot and paddle!!! i’m afraid to swim in it as there is so much pollution! All those cruise boats. Yuch!

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