beautiful Fjord bay

Yesterday’s post took you by slideshow and video to Taba attraction Saladin Citadel and the nearby Fjord
Today, some information on the Fjord…

15 km from Taba, the Fjord is aptly named as the bay is surrounded on three sides by mountains, resembling the fjords of Norway and Greenland. It is a magnificent surprise as you travel the road from either Taba or Nuweiba. After cruising along more typical Red Sea coastline and Sinai mountains, it appears suddenly between the mountains and takes your breath away.

There is a sheltered viewing platform, and from there you can climb (carefully, especially if it is windy) a short, narrow path to higher viewing points. While many tourists stop for just the view, the Fjord also offers great snorkeling and scuba diving. From the viewing shelter it is an easy 5 minutes walk down to the beach.

Sherif Al-Ga’ly, diver and photographer of the excellent page has many years experience diving and says “I adore this place, the landscape is adorable and seascape is marvelous, there is another “Blue Hole”** underwater start from 10 meters depth underwater to 28m, inside the hole not many aquatic-life same like it is in the bigger Blue Hole Dahab, the coral garden outside the hole is great.”

** the Blue Hole near Dahab is one of the most famous Red Sea dives

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