Sharm woman

Three weeks have disappeared, I have not been blogging but living. This included a visit to Sharm el Sheikh for work, and between every visit to Sharm there are some changes to observe as I travel between the familiar sights.

statue installation, Sharm el Sheikh (5)

This time while I was walking down the cliff hill I caught the installation of a new statue. The landscaping of the path in the middle of the cliff road has been slowly happening for some months, with flowering plants, lighting, and now some statues added. I will update with more photos when it is complete. The finished path will make the walk from the Old Market, at the bottom of the cliff, up to the hotels and resorts more entertaining for the average tourist. I enjoy walking along the side of this road, although the path there is not in good condition, because you get excellent views across the Old Market and surrounding neighborhoods. For the tourists, the wide pathway with steps and ramps will be easier, and the statues I am sure will end up with many people posing with them for holiday photos.

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Many of the statues in Sharm are tacky tourist cliches, and the statue of the seated Egyptian man who has been added at the base of the path falls into that category. But I like this statue of a woman, she has some personality, unlike the others. There is no sign, at least not yet, saying who she is modeled on, or if she is a generalization of Egyptian woman.

I decided I will call her Sharmian.

Charmian Clift is one of my favourite Australian writers, and like me she went to live in another country. For her it was a Greek island, but not the tourist dream island; also like me, she found a place that was beautiful but where life was in many ways difficult. As the beginning of her name is pronounced the same as Sharm, I take her name and change it slightly to Sharmian for this woman on the cliff walk.

Now if I ask anyone to meet me at Sharmian, you will know where to find me.

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2 Responses to Sharm woman

  1. susanscottsa says:

    the photos are so good! And fitting that the statue is of a woman!

  2. Linda says:

    She is very regal and a lovely landmark.

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