Sharm el Sheikh winter, and some moments of warmth and happiness

today I am catching up on January by adding several posts, so if you don’t want to miss anything or get half the story, flip back and forwards for all posts dated 26 January.

We are now over the worst of winter, the days are getting longer and this week the early evening and morning has lost its chill. I am looking forward to the days when the water will be warm enough again to swim after sunrise, but until then swims and snorkeling are restricted to my few days off. When I take a day off and go to Sharm el Sheikh to do practical errands, I make sure to include some beach time even though the water is still cold for most of the day.

This visit I stayed overnight and had time with T., which I have longed for so many months. It was lovely but also sad because I feel we will never be together again as we were in Siwa. Still I treasured these hours and hope there will be more times like this in future. He is happy in his work now and learning to dive as part of it, which opens up a whole new life for him, and I am pleased for this and proud of him.

Some photos from this visit…

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