Sharmian – her real name revealed

today I am catching up on January by adding several posts, so if you don’t want to miss anything or get half the story, flip back and forwards for all posts dated 26 January.

The new statue in Sharm that I have called Sharmian, now has a clear identity.

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This visit I walked up the road to the cliff top and found the landscaping around her still unfinished, but there is now a plaque that tells us who she is. A friend (thanks to Karim Aboukelila) translated for me:

“in the name of Allah , most gracious , most merciful
In the era of president / Mohamed Morsi, the president of the republic
Sponsored by Mr/ Khalid Foda, governor of south sinai
restoration has been redone to the statue of (Om El-Sayed)

As I had not seen her in Sharm before she appeared here, I assumed she was new. Now I am trying to find out if she is actually an older statue that has been restored, as the plaque indicates (in Egypt what a label tells you about an object’s history is not always 100 per cent accurate), and if so, whether she lived on the same spot before or elsewhere in Sharm.

The cliff she stands near the base of is named Umm El-Sid (or Om El-Sayed, transliteration from Arabic to English often results in multiple spellings) which means Mother of El Sid. I have been told this Mother was not an actual woman, more a mythical or generic figure.

I am pleased to know who she is and that she is connected with the cliff, one of my favorite places in Sharm, and I will try to find out more about her if possible. I feel she could be the seed for me to write a book for children which I have been dreaming about, leading them around her home city and introducing them to the beauties of Sharm.

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