Understanding the other, understanding self

“But if I do not understand myself better by understanding the other, can I still talk of meaning? If meaning is not a sector of self-understanding. I do not know what it is.”
Paul Ricoeur

I do not get much time to read, or at least not to read anything that is not work related, and I really miss this. Reading for me is still as essential as talking with other people to deepen and broaden my understanding and empathy. When I travel by bus I get sick if I read, so I use that time to think or listen to podcasts, but there is inevitably a wait at the bus station either end of the trip so I grab this time for books.

I picked up this book second-hand in Dahab, and while there is undoubtedly more recent research in this field, it has been a stimulating read.

Copy of Pioneering Feminist Anthropology in Egypt

From the essay An Anthropologist’s Dilemma: Fieldwork and Interpretive Inquiry, this passage especially resonates with my experiences in Egypt:

Copy of cultural encounters

Bedouin wedding - a game before the tea drinking starts

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