Beach walks

My daily restorer of peace of mind is a swim and walk on the beach before or after work. This dog walks with me most days, and we are sometimes joined by other dogs. They are all wild, not somebody’s pets, but friendly and gentle. This day I sat for some moments to dry my hair in the sun, and he came to sit close beside me and share the view.

Snorkeling I get to see the amazing variety of fish and other marine life of the Red Sea, but I don’t have a waterproof housing for my camera so no underwater photos to share with you yet (but if you want to see some beauties, check out Sherif’s work at )

Sometimes fish get washed to shore, usually already dead like this one. If they are still alive I throw them back into the water, and if they are not self-stranders (because they are sick), give them a longer life. I found this kitten sniffing around a fish, but it decided this one really wasn’t good for eating.

dog and me

kitten and fish

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