Many of my posts now seem to be the more glamorous moments of my life, when I get to travel to another city or town, or attend an event in the desert.

When I started the blog I wrote more regularly and about every day happenings and discoveries. This was because most of the time I stayed in Siwa Oasis and did not travel much, and because the first year in Egypt was a process of settling in, marked by many discoveries and some intense and completely unanticipated events.

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Now my life has a different pace, and I have noticed that I don’t often document the everyday in Nuweiba, what happens between escapes and adventures. So today I am sharing some photos of things I have come to take for granted as I walk through town, but which may be interesting or curious to those who don’t live here.

I am still shy about taking photos of the local people, the Bedouin, except when invited to special events. But I will try to ask their permission and take more photos of them to share with you in future, because the animals and scenery are only part of the story of Nuweiba.

These photos above are only from the past month, you can see more photos of Nuweiba at https://www.facebook.com/MindseyeWritingAndPhotography
and in the book http://www.blurb.com/b/3924550-nuweiba
ebook http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/349559-nuweiba

* camels which roam the streets night and day, sometimes with, often without riders. They raid the bins for food, as do the goats and cats. In one photo you can see a camel biting a goat. Initially just the camel and its baby were eating the scraps, and the big camel kept nipping the baby to stop it taking the orange peels. Then the goats arrived, and big camel turned its attention to biting them instead. A difficult photo to take because the camel swung its long neck down and in so swiftly each time, and I did not want to be the one getting bitten.

* dogs roam the beaches, and are friendly and like to walk with me, and play in the water on hot days. Cats come to catch the crabs that burrow at water’s edge; this kitten found a washed up fish, which after a quick investigation it decided wasn’t good to eat.

* there is not much art in Nuweiba, so I enjoy it when I see it; just not sure what happened to the other two tentacles of this octopus.

* most days reach 30 degrees now, and animals and people look for any shade they can find. These goats shading under the remains of a boat looked ready to set sail on the Red Sea, which is the thin line of blue in the distance.

* humans continue to amaze me – how high can you pack on top of a van?

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