Ras Mohammed National Park – a perfect day on and in the Red Sea

I have just spent a wonderful day on and in the Red Sea, with Blue Lagoon Diving Centre.

You do not need to be a scuba diver or even to snorkel to enjoy a day trip by boat to Ras Mohammed National Park in South Sinai. But if you are a diver or snorkeler, you get to see the magnificent world under the water as well as the hauntingly beautiful landscape of Ras Mohammed park.

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Guests are collected from their Sharm el Sheikh hotels in mini buses about 8 AM and brought to the dive centre. Then it is off to the marina to board your boat. The boat makes several stops, from Ras Mohammed to Ras Katy, which is closer to central Sharm el Sheikh. This gives you different perspectives of the land, from coastal flats to high cliffs, and in the distance the Sinai mountains, and the divers and snorkelers experience different reefs and varieties of fish and other marine creatures. If you are fortunate you may see dolphins leap from the water near your boat, or spot a manta ray or turtle among the thousands of fish.

Ras Mohammed National Park is located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula and is one of the most famous dive sites in the Red Sea. It is repeatedly ranked high in the lists of Best Dive Sites Worldwide. It includes 800 meter deep reef walls, a strong current, and some of the most exquisite coral gardens you can imagine. The water is rich in plankton and other foods which fuel the growth of stony and soft corals, and this attracts large schools of fish. These fish are a food source which in turn attracts larger fish such as barracuda, jackfish, tuna, and sharks. In summer the Red Sea waters are warm, making swimming a real pleasure, and visibility is usually excellent.

video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KVkMpqkfzw

A buffet lunch is provided between water sessions, essential for hungry divers and equally enjoyed by those who choose to just laze on deck. Dive and snorkeling guides assist you, less strong swimmers are carefully watched and directed to ensure that they feel secure even where the current is strong. Children can enjoy the experience with the adults, and parents can be confident of safety. The boat returns to the marina about 4.30 PM and you are transferred to your hotel. Our captain also played DJ all day, giving us a good mix of music. Before we returned to shore, the crew decided it was time to dance; their enjoyment was infectious and lifted guests out of any end-of-long-day tiredness.

These trips are relatively inexpensive, so even if you are booked into an all-inclusive hotel, adding a trip should not break your holiday budget. There is a small additional payment for the National Park permit, and if you do not bring your own snorkel, mask and fins, these can be hired for a small charge.

An experience like this is the best souvenir you can take home, better than any of the trinkets you can buy in the bazaars of Sharm. The boat trips offer excellent value especially when compared to what a similar trip would cost you in Europe, the UK or elsewhere, and you won’t experience marine quite life like this anywhere else.

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