Rain and rainbows (and snow in Egypt!)

Winter is here. Yesterday, Friday 13th, Cairo had snow for the first time in 112 years, Alexandria had snow, St Catherine’s, which is not far from here in the Sinai Mountains, had snow, and Sharm had icy winds, rain and a magnificent double rainbow.

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I miss rain and it was only light, though steady, not enough to get soaked, so I went for a walk to enjoy the freshness, rugged up against the cold and desert wind.
I was walking to Naama Bay when the rainbows appeared, reaching across the city and ending out in the Sea. I met some Sharm visitors who had stopped by the roadside to pose with the rainbow. One of the women took it as a sign of hope – “Egypt” she said to me, smiling and pointing at it. “Inshallah”, I replied.

I wanted to race up to the cliff top, because I imagine the view of the rainbow from there would be wonderful, but I expected it would disappear before I got there (20 minutes bus and then walk). It stayed for an hour, but anyway I have only my phone camera and could not do justice to the beauty of this sight.

In Naama Bay the divers were still diving, workers were sweeping puddled rain from the paths, and the few tourists, mostly Russians, looked very confused “Isn’t Egypt supposed to be warmer than Europe?” They were wandering around in odd combinations of summer weight pants and dresses topped with probably the only warm coat they brought with them, and some were in stores buying whatever warmer clothes and shoes they could find.

The rain was not going to stop some Egyptian men from enjoying their shisha outside in the cafes.

NOTE: snow in Cairo photo is not mine – photographer unknown, this is doing the rounds on Facebook. If you are the photographer please let me know and I will add a credit here.

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