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People watching

I get great enjoyment from sitting quietly aside from a crowd, watching people who are watching an event or are waiting for something to happen. There is a fascination in the intensity of their combined concentration, and wondering what they … Continue reading

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Bedouin face veils collection

Red C Villas and Apartments in Dahab (see previous post) does not have rooms decorated with the paintings on papyrus or fanciful images of pyramids and palms that you find in too many Egyptian hotels and accommodations. Instead they have … Continue reading

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Peace Road Designs – beautiful bags celebrate Egypt, and give back to community

Peace Road Designs are made in Dahab, South Sinai. Finding good quality souvenirs is not easy in Egypt, as I mentioned in a previous post, and I promised to follow up with some better examples of Egyptian or made in … Continue reading

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Dahab Bedouin Festival

The third Bedouin Festival in Dahab gave the community and visitors many opportunities to learn about Bedouin life and law, including herbal remedies from St Katherine. Dahab offered its usual good winds for the kitesurfers and windsurfers enjoying the start … Continue reading

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Camel (and cars) race between the Nuweiba Bedouin tribes

today I am catching up on January by adding several posts, so if you don’t want to miss anything or get half the story, flip back and forwards for all posts dated 26 January. And Happy Australia Day to those … Continue reading

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Ancient stone tombs of Sinai

January has skipped past and I have had some travel adventures, so I will catch up with several posts today. On January 9 and 10, I traveled into the Sinai desert to the yearly camel race between the two Nuweiba … Continue reading

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Saladin Citadel and Fjord bay, Taba

Yesterday was one of my rare and treasured escapes from computer and office, as photographing tourist destinations for my work took me to Taba. An hour by bus from Nuweiba, I previously stopped in Taba only to cross the border … Continue reading

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