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Change in Egypt

Usually I keep politics out of this blog, which began simply as an alternative to emails for friends and family to follow my life here, and to record some of the experiences and emotions I knew I would not otherwise … Continue reading

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Pregnant times

I have just met my first pregnant donkey. This may not sound special in an oasis which has thousands of donkeys, used to transport people and everything they grow and use, but I had been told that all donkeys in … Continue reading

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poetry amid the turmoil

for full story see The Poetry of Revolt 4 Jan 31 2011 by Elliott Colla It is truly inspiring to see the bravery of Egyptians as they rise up to end the criminal rule of Hosni Mubarak. It is … Continue reading

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Day of Departure for Mubarak, Inshalla

Inshalla, that is God Willing, as every statement you make about the future in Arabic must add, today will be the day Mubarak steps down. Friday is the day of sermons in the mosques here, and we expect that after … Continue reading

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Egypt – the people say “Mubarak khalas” – “Mubarak, enough / finish”

You never know how much you miss something until it is gone – how I have missed the internet! At last up again after the Egyptian government blocked access for five days (they also closed down Al Jazeehra for some … Continue reading

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Internet returns, I am safe in Siwa, read on for news and watch for a second post later on the events in Egypt

Siwa Soul readers I am sorry that I haven’t posted for a while. The government closed the internet down for five days due to the demonstrations here, and before that the blog break was due to a combination of time … Continue reading

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